Greetings again brothers and sisters in the Lord, I trust all is well, in spite of everything.  The other day I was thinking about how different people are responding to this ‘covid-crisis’ and how an individual’s personal life philosophy really does determine how they are going to think, react, shop, and interact with others. 

Hello again GVAG family, I trust you are advancing in your faith and growing as a result.  I should like to say that I am very impressed with what the body of Christ is doing during this crisis.  I have never seen believers and organizations pull together like they are right now. This invokes hope as people are seeing Christ in action through practical and relevant ways. 

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Hello again, I wanted to encourage you in finding some quality perspective in all that is happening around you.Know that as we go through this, WE go through this together.  You are not alone. 

I should like to share some personal thoughts and observations on the positive side of this Coronavirus crisis that I have entitled, ‘Ten Things I Have Noticed in my Neighborhood Lately’:

Hello again people of God, I trust that, in spite of it all, you are well. I wanted to share some more information regarding the Coronavirus and the pandemic we are all fighting.

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