Greetings Gardena Saints,

Hello again family and friends and welcome to October, where the colors are changing and so is the season. There’s a lot happening in our world today that it makes one wonder what we’re still doing here, and then we remember, we have a job to do in these last days – let’s get to it!


Our Sunday month of sermons for October will be as follows:

10/6 – ‘The Feast of Atonement’

Today we will be continuing in our Fall Feasts sermon series with another informative message on the Feast (Day) of Atonement, the day of blood. This was a day of sacrifice and offering, a day to reconcile one’s sin with the death of the innocent. In the Old Testament it was the sacrifice of a clean animal at the hands of a priest, but in the New Testament, it is and can only be Jesus; receive His atonement today!


10/13 – ‘I am Who You Say I am’

Pastor Cherie will be bringing us the Word today with a message that challenges who we look at ourselves and assess the labels that society gives to us. When God looks upon us He sees what we will become in Him. The process of actually arriving at that place is our sanctification and the Lord is faithful to remind us that we are what God’s Word says we are. We must listen to His voice in the sacred pages of scripture.


10/20 – ‘The Feast of Tabernacles’

This is the final feast of the seven feasts of the Lord and as I bring this word to you this morning, the seven days of Tabernacles will have been completed as of today. The concept behind Tabernacles has more to do with God and man dwelling together in a perfect world without sin and degradation. This is a picture of the coming Millennial Kingdom and the joys that are associated with this final dispensation


10/27 – ‘The Glory of God’

Guest Speaker: Pastor Ralph Giordano

This morning we will be blessed to have the Youth Pastor from Harbor Christian Center in Wilmington bring God’s Word to us. Pastor Ralph is a genuine man of God whose love for students is second only to His love for the Lord. Ralph has ministered to generations of young people and is a gifted as well as passionate speaker. Get ready for a great Word from the Lord today!


I want to encourage you to really embrace and enjoy those people that God has entrusted into your care. The people we call family are God’s gift to us; it’s His measure of grace that is extended to us to enjoy them in this change of season. Some of the best memories we can make are with family and friends who are also appreciative of the Lord’s many blessings in our lives.


As always, we all need to be about the Master’s business till we’re not. Let’s enjoy the change of season, the cooler weather, and the wonderful experience of sharing our faith with others. We are ‘living letters’ that God uses to tell His story to a lost and dying world. Let’s get out there and live out our letters well.

Pastors Rob & Debi Lee

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