Greetings Gardena Saints,

God Bless you all and Happy New Year, welcome to January 2020. It sounds almost futuristic and science fictiony. As we ponder the coming year, we must keep looking to the Lord for His continued guidance and protection as we anticipate another year of growth and opportunities for His Kingdom. We will be hosting our annual Week of Prayer beginning on Monday, January 6th from 7-8pm through Friday, January 10th. We know that prayer moves the hand of God and we desire to see God do great things in the new year. Please join us in our week-long corporate prayer initiative as we seek the Lord for a soul harvest revival of righteousness in 2020!


Our January Sermons:

1/5 – Missionary Guest: Micah & Karissa Adams

What a joy it is to be able to host one of our missionaries on this first Sunday of 2020. Micah and Karissa have been called to Bolivia to serve the Lord there. They will bring us a relevant report of the things that God is doing there and how we can partner with them in prayer and support as they continue their itineration.


1/12 – “The Love Deficit”

It is what it is, yet we can’t give what we don’t have. This deficit is the worst of any. Some people can define what love is, but they can’t give love because they just don’t have love. Others have a great capacity to love, but there is nobody there to receive it, or so they think. God is love and we need more God in our ‘love life.’ we’re learning to love.


1/19 – “The Power of Love”

The 80’s pop band Huey Lewis & the News coined this phrase with their one hit wonder with the same name; but the message is as true as the love being portrayed. For the believer, the kind of love we share is unconditional and it comes from God the Father who is the epitome of love. His power works in us and through us to love others.


1/26 – “The Four Loves”

The late C.S. Lewis wrote a great work with this same title that focused on four different ways people tend to show love for each other. We must love in an appropriate context where the unconditional nature of God’s love comes through. Loving others is more than being nice or tolerable, it’s about loving them with a Christ-centered love.



Our young people will be away at Pondo for a youth winter camp on the last full weekend of this month. There is something special that happens to a young person when they go to camp, venturing into the mountains to discover the things of the Lord with their peers; it will be no different for your youngster. We pray for a safe and enlightening weekend for our youth and we’re believing God for even greater things for them and their families in 2020.

As always, it is a treasured honor to pastor this wonderful church of believers and continue serving the Lord by serving you and those God is bringing into our fold. Debi and I are completing our 21st year of faithfully serving the Lord and His people here and we look forward to many more; we love you.

Pastors Rob & Debi Lee

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