A Word from Our Pastors!

Greetings Gardena Saints, Hello again family and friends and welcome to October, where the colors are changing and so is the season. There’s a lot happening in our world today that it makes one wonder what we’re still doing here, and then we remember, we have a job to do in these last days – let’s get to it!

This first weekend in October finds many in our fellowship enjoying our annual family camp in San Diego. This event always proves to be fun for adults and children alike; as always, we invite you to be part of this experience. If you have never camped or are a bit rusty at it, this event is for you. This event is full but there’s always next year – we’d love to see you there.

Our Sunday month of sermons for October will be as follows:

10/7 – ‘The Throne of God (Part 1) – We’ve been talking about heaven a lot lately and all of us want to go there. John the Revelator gives his readers a clear picture of what that part of heaven looks like in chapters four and five of Revelation. We will take a closer look at heaven and what God’s throne room looks like as it relates to our arrival there. Millions of souls rejoicing before God’s throne, celebrating and worshipping Him with great joy.

1014 – ‘The Throne of God (Part 2) – Where Revelation chapter 4 begins with the Rapture of the Church, chapter five continues with a description of not only what God’s throne room looks like, but what people there will be doing. Worshipping the Lord in all of His majestic glory. Both of these chapters are purposefully placed where they are for all the right reasons as they provide a proper sequence of events in their occurrence; we’re in heaven before the judgments.

10/21 – ‘Inspired by Fire!’ – You have heard the saying, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going.’ Well, it’s no different with the body of Christ. We are called to not only endure, but to thrive in the midst of our challenges. Since God is for us, we will be victorious in our trial by fire, knowing that our inspiration comes from the Holy Spirit Himself. God has given us many great examples in scripture of His faithfulness to others in their trial by fire. It shall be well.

10/28 – ‘The Adoption’ – Each of us as believes have been graphed into the vine of God’s blessing for the Jewish people; His chosen people. We get the benefit of salvation through Jesus’ work on the cross. We have been adopted into God’s great family by the blood of Jesus and given sonship, daughter-ship, and even bride-ship – get ready for a great truth on adoption.

We will be hosting another harvest celebration on October 31st entitled the ‘Gardena Valley Pumpkin Patch.’ This will be a special in-reach event where you can invite friends and family to come out and be part of a mid-week potluck and harvest celebration right in our church sanctuary and lot one. This event will be in lieu of our regular mid-week services. We always want to provide some healthy and safe alternatives to ‘trick or treating’ for our children while creating another venue for positive Christian fellowship in a church friendly environment.

As always, we all need to be about the Master’s business till we’re not. Let’s enjoy the experience and share our faith with others. We are ‘living letters’ that God uses to tell His story to a lost and dying world. Let’s get out there and live our letters well. Pastors Rob & Debi Lee

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