Greetings Gardena Saints,

Hello again and welcome to the month of May, we’re almost halfway through this year and already I sense the Master’s soon call to His bride. What a year it has been thus far; let’s continue to press forward and believe that it will get better. Let’s keep our hands ‘clean’ and to the plow, our face masks on, and our minds on the work God has called us to. Let’s make sure we are not only about the Master’s business but acting accordingly as we faithfully serve the Lord and the people whom He has entrusted to us.  


Our Sunday month of sermons will be as follows:

5/35 ‘Trials & Tribs’ 

James 1:9-27 (Part 2) – Today we will be hosting the second installment of James chapter 1 with a message that will remind us and empower us when it comes to dealing with our own trials and tribulations. If ever there were a time in recent history where we have come to understand this it would be now. This Coronavirus crisis has taken its toll on America and the world. It has caused havoc throughout our state and many people are upset and offset. This is part of the end time rundown that Jesus said would happen

5/10 ‘You Were Made for This’ - Guest: Cheryl Davis 

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our ladies who hold this sacred office. Today we are blessed to have Cheryl Davis return to the pulpit (via Live Stream) and give us another great word from God’s Word. Cheryl has relocated to Springfield, MO, and is now working with Convoy of Hope as part of their Ministry Resource Development Team. It is an honor to be able to host her this morning as Convoy has been doing some remarkable things during this crisis. Get ready for a great Word.

5/17 ‘Favorites & Faithless Works’ – James 2:1-13 (Part 1) – This morning we will continue in our James study beginning with chapter 2. We all have a tendency at times to play favorites when we shouldn’t. While it’s true that we do have them, we must learn to show impartial respect to everyone. This leads to a fruitful work of righteousness that honors the Lord. However, the opposite is also true, if we tend to show partiality, it can hamper a faithful work and turn it into a faithless work. All of which will be exposed at the Bema Seat.

5/24 ‘Breaching the Impossible’ – A Lesson from Jericho

Pastor Brian Ramsey will be bringing the word to us today that will both inspire and challenge you in your faith walk with Jesus. We all have Jerichos in our lives and they usually come with impossible walls. God is calling us to trust Him to bring down those walls and remove those Jerichos’ in our life. Some might ask, what is a ‘Jericho.’ The answer manifests itself when we come to understand what Jericho was and superimpose it in a modern context. Pastor Brian will further tell.

5/31 ‘Faith Without Works!’

James 2:14-26 (Part 2) – In this final message for the month of May, we will be finishing up chapter two of James with a powerful word that is as true as it is relevant. As believers in Jesus, our faith in Christ must manifest itself in our obedience to Christ. These ‘works’ are all part of our faith walk and the very thing that we will give an account for at the Bema Seat Judgment. All too often Christians think that living for Jesus is just believing in Jesus; however, a better revelation of this truth speaks to a life of works.

In 1983 President Reagan established the 1st Thursday in May as the National Day of Prayer so that Americans could assemble themselves for the purpose of corporate prayer for our nation. Now like never before we need to be doing this, so I am asking that you adjust your lunch hour to facilitate this initiative as it is very necessary. There will be many National Day of Prayer Zoom venues that will be available for you to participate in. While we can’t assemble ourselves as of yet to pray, we can individually pray for America and the world.

Thanks for being a vital part of the ministry of Gardena Valley Assembly and the advancement of God’s Kingdom here; especially during this Coronavirus crisis season. We are the local representation of Christ’s Kingdom that is manifested in His Church and we want to share that gospel with all those who are entrusted to us. Be a good witness for Jesus, He’s coming back soon!


Pastors Rob & Debi Lee

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