A Word from Pastor Rob Lee!

Greetings Gardena Saints,

Hello again GVAG friends, we hope all is well with you. The Lord has blessed us with some much-needed rain and as that saying goes, ‘April showers bring May flowers.’ We hope your April will be filled with brief but refreshing of bouts rain that will bring you flowers in May.

Our Sunday month of sermons for April will be focused on the Spring Feasts of the Lord. We will cover three of the four feasts this month and finish up with the final feast, the Feast of Pentecost, next month. Our April month of Sunday sermons will be as follows:
4/7 - ‘The Feast of Passover’ – Jesus was crucified on Passover and became the perfect sacrifice for the sin of the world. His sinless life and death on a cross fulfilled God’s requirement for atonement. The same way the angel of death ‘passed over’ every dwelling place in Egypt where the blood of a lamb was applied, so God’s eternal judgment passes over us who have applied Jesus’ blood to our heart.
414 – ‘The Feast of Unleavened Bread’ – Jesus was in the grave three days. It was during that time that He descended to the lower parts of the earth to minister to the OT saints who were held captive there. This ministry of deliverance was part of Christ’s overall plan of redemption, first for the OT saints, and then for the rest of us who would call upon His name for salvation. The work Jesus did on the cross was completed in the grave; but wait, there’s more!
4/21 - ‘The Feast of Firstfruits’ – Happy Resurrection Day, Christ is risen indeed! The true difference between Christianity and any other belief system in the world is that Jesus has risen from the grave! You can find the graves of Buddha, Confucius, Muhammad, Hare Krishna, John Cunningham, Joseph Smith and an array of Popes. Only Jesus has risen victoriously over death, hell, and the grave and He reigns forever more. Get excited about our God, He lives!
4/28 – Guest: Pastors Bobby & Tina Phillippi – After 15 years of serving as staff pastors, the Phillippi’s have settled in Campo, CA where they are proclaiming the gospel to the people in the mountain regions along the border. God has been doing some wonderful things in the local church in Campo. There are millions of unreached peoples in the border counties of California and God has invited the Phillippi’s to join Him working there.

We will be celebrating the Spring Feasts with a special presentation and dessert reception on Good Friday, April 19th at 7:00pm. Wendy Riley will be our presenter as we once again come to appreciate the spirit of these Spring Feasts. While there will be no formal banquet this year, we will be hosting a wonderful dessert reception following this service. We will be hosting the movie, ‘Ben Hur’ (1959) in the Chapel on Saturday, April 20th beginning at 5pm. The youth will provide food and a comfortable place for you to enjoy this classic film. Come early and get a good seat.

Our quarterly dinner with impact (DWI) will be happening on Friday 4/26 at the Lee’s; if you have not been through our house in a few years or you’re new to our fellowship, please RSVP. Blessings in all you say and do, Pastors Rob & Debi Lee

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