A Word from Pastor Rob Lee!

Season’s Greetings Gardena Saints,

Hello again family and friends and welcome to December, we made it, the last month of this very special year, 2018 – and what a year it has been. This is that time of year when we spread holiday cheer and good will to our fellow man. We celebrate this season every week when we gather to worship the Lord. I should like to encourage you to share your faith with others by greeting folks with a “Merry Christmas.” The more secular the culture becomes, the more ‘Jesus’ we need to put into it. Some people want to avoid the offense, however, proclaiming the Christ at Christmas centers Him in our seasonal greetings. We do hope you will enjoy your Christmas season and find as many opportunities to celebrate it with others in your family and friendship circles. As believers in Jesus, our opportunity to share Christ with others at Christmas is both a joyful and inspiring blessing. Merry Christmas! Our Sunday month of sermons for December will be as follows:
12/2 – ‘Christ @ Hanukkah’ – Jewish people tend to celebrate the miracle of the oil’ as it is commonly called among orthodox Jews, however, our focus today will be on the Lord who was the source of that miracle. When we celebrate past miracles, we tend to forget the purpose and Person behind them. We want to keep Christ in the center of everything we do this season.
12/9 – ‘Family Matters’ – You family matters and so does mine. As we embrace yet another Christmas season, may we create ‘hallmark’ moments and memories that we will cherish for years to come. If we keep God first in our lives, this love will extend itself into a healthy disposition for our family life. When you love the Lord, you love your family; they matter.
12/16 – ‘Fan or Follower?’ – Pastor Kevin will be bringing another inspiring word from God’s Word to us today. The message is a question that poses a challenge to each of us as we assess our love for the Lord in what we do for Him and how we respond to His prompting in our life. Wear your favorite sports jersey today, we want to be more than just a fan of God.
12/23 – ‘The Three Gifts’ – This morning we will be hosting a special breakfast in the Café de Vida and participating in a traditional Christmas service complete with caroling, communion, candles and of course, the reading of the Christmas story, the greatest story ever told. We will take a closer look at those three gifts the wise men brought to Jesus that day.
12/30 – ‘New Year Preview – 2019’ – We are about to embark on a journey into yet another year. This is always an exciting and anxious time as we ponder the past and anticipate the future. It’s important to celebrate our accomplishments, but keep pressing on in the good fight looking both with our short term and our long term views. We will be hosting a special Christmas potluck and gift exchange in our sanctuary on Sunday night, December 9th. We have fixed the individual gift exchange mixer and have learned a few things since last year. This event will be a nice time of food, fellowship, a gift exchange, and some photo ops with Santa. It’s all part of making Jesus the center of our Christmas season. On behalf of the church staff and council, Pastor Debi and I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2019.

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